The Kid Stays in the Picture

      A movie for movie lovers. Its the story of Robert Evans, a legendary producer for Paramount Pictures. Evans produced movies like Godfather, Chinatown, Marathon Man, Love Story, Serpico, Rosemary’s Baby, The Italian Job, True Grit and a personal favorite Harold & Maude.

      Its a documentary told by Evans himself, using old stills, video and slick animation. It plays like a rise to power film itself. A young ambitious kid who makes the right moves at the right time and finds himself atop the largest film production studio in the world. You can hear his ego coming through in the dialogue. If you ran with Nicholson, Ali MacGraw, Hoffman, Brando, Pacino and John Wayne you might have an inflated view as well. Then of course, drugs and murder make an appearance with that much power and money in the mix. When you see the caricature of a high powered movie producer that isn’t concerned with anyone else’s view or ideas you are more than likely watching someone play a Robert Evans parody.


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