The New Patches


Aloe Blacc is steadily becoming my favorite soul singer and the dude is from the 21st century. Produced by ‘Truth & Soul’ records out of Brooklyn, who run a tight ship of funk and soul brothers ie El Michaels Affair, Lee Fields, Bama & the Family and he is in the legendary stable of LA based Stones Throw records, so needless to say he has got a stacked deck!

First video is for the first single ‘I Need a Dollar’, which was the intro-track to the startup streetwear show ‘How to Make it in America’ on HBO. In this video the next single “So Hard” from his new LP “Good Things” from Stones Throw Records comes on around 2:40. The LP comes out Sept. 28th.I can’t wait…

This cat kills it. Its like Gil-Scott Heron and Marvin Gaye had a bastard son who somehow made it onto a progressive rap label!?

He also covers The Velvet Underground’s Nico classic “Femme Fatale”


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