Outrageous Cherry – Self Titled

Outrageous Cherry
Self Titled

1994 – Bar None Records
2010 – Vinyl on Microfiche Records

Outrageous Cherry’s self titled first release is a perfect blend of power pop and garage rock. This record is way before (or after) its time and is a damn fun listen.

Outrageous Cherry was formed in Detroit by the very talented producer/musician Matthew Smith (also in the Volebeats, which will be talked about soon I’m sure…). Influences heard on this album include the grungy/feedback sounds of The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, the power pop of Big Star, and the loosness of early garage rock. Give it shot… Take the jump to hear some tracks put to some videos and stills of the vinyl pressing process.

For all the vinyl junkies… The album is now available to buy at the Microfiche Records website. The first 300 copies are clear with a white swirl and come with some coasters of  some of the vinyl rejects and an uncut label sheet.

Microfiche Records is a new record label based in Nashville, TN. They will be releasing albums from the past that never got the vinyl treatment that they deserved. The first release being this Outrageous Cherry album… The guy who started the label also works at United Record Pressing, so he gets to see the whole process unfold…

Check out the three of the tracks put to video of the pressing process. Too cool…

Vinyl lacquers being cut / Pale Frail Lovely One

Test Pressing / Overwhelmed

On Press / Til’ I Run Out 



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