Hip Hop Humpday

Party & Bullsh*t Mixtape Download

Tracklisting & Videos after the jump…..

1. Intro- Henry Hill

2. Know How- Young Mc

3. Party & Bullshit- BIG (Ratatat Remix)

4. Candyman- Cornershop

5. God Made Me Funky- Def Jef

6. Shutterbugg- Big Boi

7. Gimmie the Breaks- Krafty Kutz  & Kurtis Blow

8. Not a Playa- Big Pun

9. Watch My Feet- Dude ‘N Nem

10. Fifth of Kool- Fort Knox Five w/ LL

11. Run This Town- Jay-Z (DiscoTech Remix)

12. Paper Planes- MIA (DFA Remix)

13. Can I Kick it Like That?- Pharrell vs Tribe called Quest

14. Vibrant Thing- Q-Tip

15. Boombox- DJ Cam

16. Wonder Years- Wildchild

17. When Shit Goes Down- Cypress Hill

18. Method Man- Wu-Tang

19. E=MC2- J Dilla w/ Common


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