The Slew is the brainchild of the world famous Kid Koala. Love him in Bullfrog, Deltron 3030 or doin his own thing; but this is pretty heavy & hard right here. The Slew itself comprises of Kid Koala, Dynomite D (on another set of decks), and the rhythm section from the former members of Australia’s Wolfmother. Their Lp ‘100%’ was released last year on Ninja Tune, the stable for greats like Bonobo, Herbaliser and leftfield geniuses in the vein of Amon Tobin. Sounds like he got a live band to playout tracks for ‘Your Mom’s Favorite DJ’ and they started hashing it out.

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DOWNLOAD the album for free!

Kid Koala’s free download of his unreleased (due to licensing)  Solid Steel Mix called ‘quiet music to draw too’  8). Great mixed loungin music, solid is a good word for it.



Boards of canada – “Everything you do is a Balloon”
Jay Jay Johanson – “I’m Older Now”
Isan – “Recently in the Sahara”
Bjork – “Amphibian”
Buckminster Fuzeboard – “Return of the Pretzel Stretch”
Autechre – “Krib”
Radiohead – “Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Air – “Le Voyage de Penelope”
Amon Tobin – “Natureland”
Bonobo – “Magic man”
Land of the Loops – “Single Girl”
The Herbaliser – “Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge (PC Mix)”
Fembots – “John and Irene”
Funki Porcini – “Purrrfect”
White Mud Freeway – “Man With Gun Man With None”
Henry Mancini – “Moon River”
Dan the Automator – “Lonely Man”

I had never heard of Kid Koala until RopeaDope released Bullfrog’s Self-titled Lp in 2001, it was the future of funk to me at the time and still sounds fresh after nearly a decade on the shelf. Bullfrog’s Theme, Snakeskin and Reverse Psychology are some of my favorites on the album.


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