Nobunny Knows


 Nobunny aka Justin Champlin is a twisted, twisted punk genius. His first “official” LP ‘Love Visions‘ was home recorded and released in 2008 to extremely good reviews for solid reason. Its punk at its core, but it plays with pop themes and drunk singalongs. Its like hearing the Ramones covering The Kingsmen while on crystal. He just released ‘First Blood’ on Goner Records a couple weeks back and it is miles ahead in production value, which in the punk game isn’t always a grand idea. I think of it as when the Black Lips did ‘Good Bad Not Evil’ after the stripped down ‘Let it Bloom’ and it works. But watch a live video of Justin… doning a bunny mask, that looks like it should be in the next Rob Zombie film, wearing panies or a onesie and spewing whiskey over a crowd of punk minions.  Its good clean American fun.

Video’s after the jump…

Love Visions LP- DOWNLOAD


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