Show me your Growler

Nobunny got me into the old punk tunes this morning sitting around with my sick boy. It seems to have rejuvenated both of us. The power of punk.

Growler Mixtape: DOWNLOAD

Tracklisting and Pics after the jump…

1. Sonics- Dirty Old Man

2. Sonics- Shot Down

3. Bad Sports- And it Goes

4. Bad Sports- Nuthin but Agitation

5. Nobunny- (Do the) Fuck Yourself

6. Nobunny- Chuck Berry Holiday

7. Nobunny- (We) Blow Dumb

8. The Ramones- Beat on the Brat

9. The Ramones- Judy is a Punk

10. Black Lips- Slime & Oxygen

11. Black Lips- Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah

12. The White Stripes- Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground

13. The White Stripes- Black Math

14. Pixies- U-Mass

15. Pixies- Broken Face

16. Flight- Turns to Blood

17. Flight- Ghosts

18. The Gories- Detriot Breakdown

19. The Gories- Yaha Baby

20. Tweak bird- Tunneling Through (Good Shit. I mean look at the picture…)


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