Last night was the premiere of “Conan” on TBS, his first guest was Seth Rogan and first musical guest was Jack White! I remember when ‘Elephant’ came out, they had the White Stripes on Late Night with Conan O’Brien 5  nights in a row, one of the coolest moments in late night for me. Jack was also the last musical guest on Conan’s short lived Tonight Show. Andy Richter is once again his perfect fat side-kick. Glad the world is right and back on track again.

The first video is the song Eddie Cochran’s “20 Flight Rock” that White and Conan recorded together and performed last night. Pretty awesome.

As we know Conan went on tour aptly called “”The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.” Jack’s Third Man Records in Nashville produced and pressed Conan’s first LP of the tour called “A They Call Me Mad“. The B-side is this interview conducted by White. Good stuff.

“And They Call Me Mad?” is his first release which is a funny off the top of his head interpretation of Dr. Frankenstein. I could listen to Conan’s non-sense all day…


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