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…no not from the superb new Alexander LP…


Didn’t think…

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… this picture could get anymore hardcore until I saw this colorized version of Malcolm Browne’s famous photo of Thích Quảng Đức, the monk who burned himself to protest the persecution of Buddhists in South Vietnam in 1963. Hardcore.

Life Lessons

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So You Never Forget….

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… where that love gut came from.

Scott Campbell

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 Scott Campbell’s laser-cut currency is some of the coolest images I have ever seen. Not because they are original by any means, but the media it is on, dollar bills.  His subject matter is what you would expect from a tattoo artist; skulls, webs, madonna’s, guns, etc…

I’m not sure if its the idea of destroying money for art or what its draw seems to be… but it works.


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Saw an awesome article at Selvedge Yard about a photog named Scott Pommier. When you first glance at his work you would think they were shoots from the 70’s. They are all very recent and modern, and give me the hope that true Americana spirit is still alive and kickin’.

My personal favorite:



Mike Egan Art

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Mike Egan – Pittsburgh, PA

I first became a fan of Mike Egan through the cover art for an album that the Dexateens put out a couple of years ago. Band member Elliot McPherson constructs “lightboxes” for all the Dexateens album covers and for the Lost and Found album Elliot incorporated a piece of Egan’s work into the lightbox. 

Mike Egan is from Pittsburgh, PA. Using wooden panels and acrylic paint, Egan constructs what at first glance appear to be simple pieces of art, but as you take in the themes of his art they become much more. Egan draws inspiration for his art through his day job of working in funeral homes. In Egan’s artist statement from his web page he says: “The subject matter in my work tends to deal with life, death and religion. I’ve been working in funeral homes for the last five years and I’ve become quite familiar with all three subjects. Through funerals we tend to celebrate not only someone dying but we also celebrate that persons life. Through religion we hope that our loved ones are in a better place, that they are not suffering anymore.”

He also adds, “I like to think that each painting is in some way a good bye to somebody who passed away. A funeral portrait.” As dark as this sounds, there is something childlike and innocent in my attraction to this art.  Without the knowledge of his background and what influences his work, there is no question that I simply love looking at this art.

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While you’re at it click here to download the Dexateens album for free! Also check out Elliot McPherson’s lightboxes.

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