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Why did they feel the need to get Matt Hoffman to ride around the stage during Arcade Fire’s performance at tonights Grammys?! Thank god they gave them the album of the year, then they fuck up again and cut em off!!




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Arcade Fire’s 2002 Christmas Album was recorded well before the band’s
first EP and the full length Funeral and never officially released. It
was recorded at a party in Win and Régine’s apartment, and Win claims
that he is not singing in the recordings. Instead, his friends imitate
his voice. Copies were distributed to friends and family of the

The album features a quirky mix of holiday covers and early versions
of original songs some of which were later released as part of
Arcade Fire EP and Funeral.

1. “Chestnuts Roasting” 3:09
2. “Oh Holy Night” 4:30
3. “Jinglebell Rock” 1:19
4. “A Very Arcade Xmas” 8:09
5. “It Clouded Fully (Brendan)” 1:01
6. “The Spartans (Brendan)” 2:57
7. “In the Attic (Boston)” 6:15
8. “Asleep at the Wheel” 4:13
9. “Old Flame” 3:55
10. “Submarine” – 2:47
11. “In the Backseat” 5:08
12. “Headlights” – 4:12


Top Tracks of Ohh Ten

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Not necessarily the most innovative tracks, but definitely some my favorites from 2010’s long list of blah.

Beach Fossils- Daydream

Just gets me everytime. Joy Division lives.

Dead Weather- Hustle & Cuss

Jack White’s latest supergroup’s 2nd LP “Sea of Cowards” was a huge sleeper, due to the first LP “Horehounds” being such a letdown. You can hear them saying “channel John Paul and lets play what fucking kicks”.

Beach House- Zebra

Its by no means going to win awards or accolades, but its my favorite track on this wonderful album. 

LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yourself Clean

Didn’t love this the first time, but thats every LCD record… it grows. Maybe jump to 1:48 and then get ready to blow an eardrum/speaker at 3:08. Dope.

Harlem- Gay Human Bones

Just plain good.

Arcade Fire- Sprawl II

I love the original Arcade sound, but this one slipped in due to them delving into a more electro type mode. Plus I have a crush on that chick.

C-Lo- Fuck You

The most mainstream track, but damn its catchy. Try the CastleVania Remix for a more danceable version, if thats possible.

Tame Impala -tie- Solitude is Bliss/Remember Me

I wanted to put another Tame Impala track on the list I loved this LP so much, but Solitude is just the right amount of heavy with cosmic vocals.

Wolfgang Gartner- Illmerica

My one real dance track here, jump to 1:00 and take the hard and loud way out.

Sleigh Bells- Rill Rill

With a STRONG simple sample from Funkadelic and well placed hip hop drums, Sleigh Bells killed this one.

Who said it had to be a top 10 list?!

Cult- Go Outside

God almighty this song was on every mixtape I made during the spring and summer this year. Just a perfect slow, feet up with a grin track.

Warpaint- Undertow

This one is my favorite late night track from 2010, just makes everyone listen. Really jumps to the next level around 2:29.

Top Albums of Ohh Ten

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Not my favorite year for music, but it was peppered with greatness. This list consists of albums that don’t have you skipping around the tracklist, solid through and through.

In alphabetical order only.


Arcade Fire- Suburbs



Best Coast- Crazy for You



Big Boi- Sir Lucious Left Foot



Beach House- Teen Dream



Black Keys-  Brothers



Cotton Jones- Tall Hours in the Glowstream



Harlem- Hippies



She & Him- Vol 2



Tame Impala- Innerspeaker



Toro y Moi- Causers of This

Rock-A-Fire Explosion

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How’n the f*ck did our generation miss out on this!?

Sick Day

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So sick of being sick. No more Tv, books, comics or PS3. Need outlets, music has never failed me. Lo-Fi to excitement and beyond. Mixed for your pleasure. 2 parter.

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Arcade Fire

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Judge and be judged…

Terry Gilliam. Monty Python fame, etc…

a classic with a classic…