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   Good lord I’m diggin this. He toured with Pretty Lights last year and for good reason. Before the tour, he was more of a timid bedroom producer goin safe with downtempo lounge style music (first video) then after the tour with PL’s… well just check out his new lp ‘No Shortcuts’ (second video), it’s next level shite. Dude helms from Portoroz, Slovania. Yes, Slovania is still a country. I think of people eating borscht and working the fields in the manner of the mid 18th century when Slovania comes to mind. I’m guessing that’s why most of us nu-funk to downtempo fans have missed the train on this young man.  He definitely has a method to the madness. Take a solid funk/soul sample and build it into a full on bass banger. Its the quintessential formula for most early hip-hop, but this is a new strain that goes well with your herbal intake ritual. You can hear alot of it at beatport HERE. A couple of these bad boys will make the All Hallow’s Eve Cut Saturday Night!



Sick Day

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So sick of being sick. No more Tv, books, comics or PS3. Need outlets, music has never failed me. Lo-Fi to excitement and beyond. Mixed for your pleasure. 2 parter.

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