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Top Tracks of Ohh Ten

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Not necessarily the most innovative tracks, but definitely some my favorites from 2010’s long list of blah.

Beach Fossils- Daydream

Just gets me everytime. Joy Division lives.

Dead Weather- Hustle & Cuss

Jack White’s latest supergroup’s 2nd LP “Sea of Cowards” was a huge sleeper, due to the first LP “Horehounds” being such a letdown. You can hear them saying “channel John Paul and lets play what fucking kicks”.

Beach House- Zebra

Its by no means going to win awards or accolades, but its my favorite track on this wonderful album. 

LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yourself Clean

Didn’t love this the first time, but thats every LCD record… it grows. Maybe jump to 1:48 and then get ready to blow an eardrum/speaker at 3:08. Dope.

Harlem- Gay Human Bones

Just plain good.

Arcade Fire- Sprawl II

I love the original Arcade sound, but this one slipped in due to them delving into a more electro type mode. Plus I have a crush on that chick.

C-Lo- Fuck You

The most mainstream track, but damn its catchy. Try the CastleVania Remix for a more danceable version, if thats possible.

Tame Impala -tie- Solitude is Bliss/Remember Me

I wanted to put another Tame Impala track on the list I loved this LP so much, but Solitude is just the right amount of heavy with cosmic vocals.

Wolfgang Gartner- Illmerica

My one real dance track here, jump to 1:00 and take the hard and loud way out.

Sleigh Bells- Rill Rill

With a STRONG simple sample from Funkadelic and well placed hip hop drums, Sleigh Bells killed this one.

Who said it had to be a top 10 list?!

Cult- Go Outside

God almighty this song was on every mixtape I made during the spring and summer this year. Just a perfect slow, feet up with a grin track.

Warpaint- Undertow

This one is my favorite late night track from 2010, just makes everyone listen. Really jumps to the next level around 2:29.



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first time I heard this all I could think is ‘what is this a cover of’ …?